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I am Yuko Nakamura, a PhD candidate in architecture with a concentration in Buildings-Landscapes-Cultures at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. For the 2012–2014 academic years, I served as a Fulbright scholar from Japan. Prior to entering the PhD program, I obtained a BEng in Urban Engineering with Urban Planning concentration from the University of Tokyo and an MArch in Urban Design from University College London, and led a variety of design projects at an architectural firm in Tokyo.

I am currently working on my dissertation about women’s tactical uses of spaces in Tokyo, Japan, 1868–1937. During the time in Milwaukee, I conducted research on ordinary people’s placemaking in both urban and suburban neighborhoods.

Vernacular architecture studies as my intellectual home, I approach historical and contemporary everyday life in cities by building on performance and practice theory, affect theory, phenomenology of body, sensory studies, mobility studies, and the studies of space and place. Coming from an engineering school and minoring in folklore studies and environmental history, I cross disciplinary borders with no fear to figure out a more comprehensive epistemology of cities.

Trained as a professional in architecture, urban design, and planning, I am also committed to working collaboratively with, and giving my research back to the communities. Civic engagement and digital humanities are therefore part of my interest.

For further information, please see my resume.